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Welcome to TL Middle School!

We are kicking off our youth ministry with a focus on our middle school students in grades 6-8! We will be hosting three big events during the summer. During the school year, we will have monthly services for middle school students filled with worship, games, prizes, and a message specifically geared for students.

We like to do fun events for all of the middle school students so they can be better engaged with what we are teaching,  Our next event is on July 28 at Evelyn Schiffler Park.

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We want to create a space where students can be comfortable to come as they are, while further exploring their faith.  Middle school students are looking for a place to belong. Our desire is to provide a place with leaders who love and accept them.  We desire to show them that God knows where they’re at in life and what they struggle with and yet He still desires a relationship with them.

TL Middle School will focus on 3 Basic Truths

  • God will never stop loving us
  • Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves
  • It’s ok to not be ok, just don’t try to stay that way
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