Family Mesh or Mess?

Are you making a family mesh or a family mess?  Are you helping to create a supportive mesh that is a safe, loving, healthy place or are you laying the ground work for a painful mess one day? Whether you are a parent, sibling, in law, spouse...we all impact our families.


Maybe your family couldn't even be called a family because they weren't there for you.  It could be you have no idea how to get along with your sibling because it's been difficult for years.  Or maybe you find yourself driving a mini van, stepping on Legos every morning, and wondering how many times you have to say something for your kids to listen to you...but deep down you wish you knew how to create that supportive, awesome family they deserve.

Don't lose hope.  It's possible not because you have all the answers, not because your family was perfect, or definitely not because it'll just happen.  It's possible because Jesus died to solve the real problem that causes the worst family messes, our own selfishness.  Jesus wants us to be free to love, give, and share.  So He breaks the rule that says you can't be free because of the true nature of our hearts.  Family in itself is supposed to be selfless, but we are so bent on getting what we need and having others suffer for it.  Think about your family mess, or someone else's you've heard of...selfishness is always a piece of that mess!

So a really good approach to making a family mesh is to consider how your selfishness affects your family.  Could it be a routine that you just wont change so everyone else has to adjust?  Maybe it's always having to feel like you are in charge?  Or maybe it's taking out a work frustration on a family member? It could be an addiction you won't seek help about.

Yes, we are all guilty of selfishness. but we can all also be free to be better.  Today ask Jesus to heal your own heart.  Ask him to reveal how your selfishness has caused pain to others.  Would you do your family a favor and consider if you are building a mesh or a causing a mess?