Hope in Marriage

The best weddings I've attended are great not because of the music, food, or decor.  It's great because of the hope for better ahead.  Paul writes in Romans 12:12 to be joyful in hope.  Hope creates joy during a wedding that we all love experiencing.  Last Saturday I was able to share about never losing hope in your marriage.

Yes, marriages are about love and commitment, but it's hope for even better ahead that caused two people to decide to spend the rest of their lives together....even though they can't know all that is ahead.  Don't let your wedding day be the most hopeful day in your marriage.


Today is a really good day to renew your hope that you are better together than apart. While together is harder, it's still better.  Often we look to joys of our past single life that can't be experienced as married.  Don't label your spouse as a ball and chain because they prevent you from the joys of the past for today.  Rather open yourself to experience new joys that you couldn't experience while single.  When we stop hoping for better joys ahead, we hurt ourselves from having an even better marriage.

Don't ever stop hoping that God can transform you and that other person.  A better marriage means a better you.  Our mistakes in marriage no matter how petty can cause us to give up on each other. God's not done yet.  There's still hope for a better spouse because God wants to heal and help every weakness.

Hope for help to love and be loved better.  Often we are instructed to love each other like God loves us.  I think that we need divine help to love each other with divine love.  Why do we even expect to be able to love someone without God's help?  Serving each other in a loving way can be exhausting. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, your spouse's needs change. Good thing you aren't striving alone.  God's on your team helping you to succeed!

Psalm 71:14 declares "I will always have hope."  I want that to be my anthem as a husband. I've witnessed loveless marriages last, but I've never seen a hopeless marriage last.  Hope for better ahead!