Silent Saturday

Worry and fear fills the void of the unknown so well.  I mean it fits so nicely.  It’s like a magnet that sprints to the spot that anticipation left.  Life never goes as planned, but we still let the unknown decide our attitude.

When Jesus was buried and the disciples where left wondering and alone, they weren’t.  It was in that very moment that God was working.  It was on that silent Saturday that what they couldn’t see and understand kept them from having hope fill the void.  They didn't understand all that Jesus taught and promised, but soon they would.

Just because you can’t feel God, don’t lose hope.  Just because we don’t understand how He works, don’t lose hope.  Just because you can’t see Him work, don’t lose hope.  God isn’t done with your life yet!  He’s still at work! Hope will overfill that void!