Step 5: Reliance

kneel prayer_preview.jpeg

Don't believe the lies of this world so that you doubt the truths of Heaven. While you may have been taught you can do can't.  How many times has someone promised you to work hard and you'll get what you want?  What movie have you recently seen that tells the story of dreaming big and never giving up?  Those ideas actually keep us chained.

Real freedom comes from real reliance. The truth is that without God, we can do nothing (John 15:5).  You actually get free when you surrender your striving to bring about what you desire.  You actually get free when you open your hand to what you hold so tightly.  That will create room for God's hand to help.  I know, this sounds like I'm saying you should be lazy and not work hard.  It's not being lazy, it's acknowledging our limited ability and inviting God's unlimited ability.  The treadmill of relying only on own efforts and ability is exhausting.

Relying on God results in peace, hope, and unwavering obedience to Him.  Ask yourself today, what am I anxious about?  You can have peace knowing that you can't do it on your own anyhow. What area of my life do I lack hope in?  You can renew hope because we look to Him to bring about change.  And He is able.  What risk does God want me to take, but I struggle to obey?  It's easier to obey God when you know He makes it possible.   

Admitting "I can't without God" is the start of getting off the treadmill of relying on yourself.  "I can't forgive, I can't excel at work, I can't pay that bill, I can't convince my kid, I can't without God"  Give it a try today.  Aren't you ready for a freeway?