Personal Response to MAX Attack

attack memorial_preview.jpeg

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The recent attack on the MAX light rail shouldn't have happened.  A white man yelling at two innocent non white girls shouldn't have happened. 'Two people dying for standing up for the innocent shouldn't have happened.  A man, fueled by anger and racial supremacy, shouldn't have been so violent.  All this shouldn't have happened in a city known to be tolerant and accepting.  

Truth is I get scared.  Hate doesn't reside in a zip code, but in the heart of man.  If only we could have a place to live, work, and play where hate can't go.  But people are everywhere, and so is hate. There is no completely safe place on earth where two people are together.  I wish there was a place I could take my kids, so this would never happen to them.

Truth is I get angry, especially because I'm Indian-American.  No one should be told what these girls were told.  No one should think they deserve better than someone else.  No one should feel the freedom to hate and kill.  I want this guy to be punished to the point where he can never have the possibility of standing next to me or my family on the MAX.  He's lost that right hasn't he?

Truth is I get self-righteous. I know I'm better than this guy.  I don't have this level of hate or anger towards anyone.  I wouldn't kill someone over this.  I easily point my finger in judgement and know what he only deserves.

But as a follower of Jesus, the truth is I'm broken over his sin and should be broken over my sin.  Truth is when I heard about these attacks, I had to also repent of my own sin and ask God to heal me.  No I've never done anything like he has, but sin without restraint could do awful things. So in my fear, I remember that God can heal.  So while hate is is God's healing.  So in my anger, I remember that I too am a sinner and peace enters my heart.  So in my self-righteous attitude, I humbly call out injustice to not forget I too deserve a punishment.

I hope today for better hearts...and so can you.