Step 3 to get free: Ownership

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Blame is discharged pain.  We all do it, instinctively.  We highlight someone else role in our mistake or problem or pain yet can't see our own responsibility in it.  Immediately we start our defense with whose fault it was, instead of considering what we are responsible to own.  No one likes to feel that feeling of what we are responsible for because we have to face ourselves.

Three words will get you free...I - own - it.  No, everything that happened to you isn't your fault. Imaging you had a party at your house and the mess everyone left proves how much fun they had. Their empty cups are everywhere, their food is ground on the carpet, their , their game ended with broken chairs, and their plus one is still sleeping on your couch.  How long do you stay angry before you realize it's their fault, but your responsibility to clean up the mess?  How long do you look at the garbage everyone before you accept it's your house so what happens here is your's to clean up? How long do you watch that guy sleeping on your couch before you realize you can do something about his snoring?

Your life is the same way...people, circumstance, and just life have trashed it.  But that life is yours. Own it.  Start doing something about the mess and stop blaming those that made the mess.  You can be free...