Do Your Part

It's supposed to be hard to obey God because our nature, culture, and narrow view is so contrary to His.  You may have had moments of frustration in your walk with Jesus because the challenge feels overwhelming or even impossible.  It may feel wrong, but it actually is the norm for following Him.  God is actually at work in those moments forming you.  Not just your skills, but actually who you will one day be.  God uses these unlikely moments to make, to create, to mold, to breathe life into.

This is how I would describe many of the events in the life of David starting with his anointing to one day be king.  See God made a king out of David in a way that our nature, culture, and narrow view never could.  We learn in 1 Samuel 16 that Samuel goes to Bethlehem to anoint the next king of Israel.  He is expecting what you and I would:  God will speak and tell him to anoint the man that looks like a king.  Instead, God leads him to Jesse and his seven sons, whom are not the future king.  He has to wait, he has to feel confusion, face some stress, feel fear of anointing a new king while the current one was still sitting on the throne.  Feel familiar? Finally, Jesse called David from the field and God speaks to Samuel to anoint him to be king.

This isn’t just a story about David being chosen even though he didn’t fit the look of king.  This is a story about Samuel having to obey God even when it’s hard.  If Samuel had been impatient and chosen the wrong man, that’s a whole life that’s changed that would cause a huge ripple effect.  And by choosing David, God is forming David’s understanding of who He is and of how he works.  Think about the impact of being chosen when David knew he wasn’t qualified, born from royalty, and didn’t fit the mold.  This all happens because one man does his part.

Samuel wasn’t instructed by God to make a king, just to anoint one.  He wasn’t asked to make sure everything works out in the years ahead.  Samuel just does his part.

Do you part today, listen and obey God.  That may be in a godly choice, an act of faith, or even specifically something you believe God wants you to do.  Don’t worry about every detail after, just do your part.  Trust that God is forming you with this obedience, and trust that He sees the ripple effect of your obedience.