Our vision is to be a church that empowers people to live spiritually, emotionally, and relationally healthy lives for Jesus. This vision is shaped by these values:


God’s Mission

We adapt so people who don’t believe can believe.  We will go where they are, we will remove obstacles we have placed in God’s way. We submit all our resources to continue God’s mission to redeem all people to Him.


We are for the Community, not just in it.  Serving is our expression of Jesus love and care to others.  We can’t love people without serving them.


We respond to the isolation people suffer with supportive, loving relationships.  People crave community that is life giving, safe, and reliable. Life was never meant to be done alone, so know others and let ourselves be known. This community is evident in our transforming life groups, a few together or one on one.

Integrated Discipleship

We integrate spiritual, emotional, and relational health. You can't be spiritually mature while yet remaining emotionally immature. We partner with counselors, coaches, and relationship experts to help navigate the hardest ground to plow…our heart.


We strengthen families because studies have shown the undeniable impact of people’s family of origin on their health as adults. We influence husbands and wives to lean towards each other in relationship instead of disconnecting. We coach parents to consider how their parenting will affect their children emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. We believe God instituted the family on purpose for a purpose.


Embracing other cultures, races, and ethnicities is necessary for a Christ centered community. We recognize that God has sent us to all people that make up our neighborhood. We believe that different people loving one another as Jesus would is a work of the Holy Spirit and should be a standard for community life.